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In harmony with nature... 

It’s going to snow tonight! Everything looks so much more beautiful when it’s covered with a fine layer of snow. In fact, the homemade bunting, wreathes and home-grown pottable trees seem to enhance the Christmas mood even more with snow. There is a small farmstead on the edge of a village. All sorts of sweet winter animals, such as deer, rabbits, birds and even squirrels, forage for food around the farm. They roam completely free and enjoy themselves by scrambling onto the outdoor table, or nestling up close to the windows. The farmstead belongs to a nurseryman and his family who live in close harmony with nature.                                                                                                   

Every year, as the first snowflakes start to fall, the nursery opens its doors to welcome the villagers. Everyone comes here to find the perfect Christmas tree for their homes. The trees are not only beautiful, they also create that cosy feeling of Christmas in each house.  

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